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Success Story: Flatbush Hatzoloh: 24-hour volunteer ambulance service

Success Story
Success Story 6

Words cannot express my deepest admiration for your outstanding organization. Your special care of my husband, myself and for my family is unsurpassed. Always there for us, you helped make a horrific time in out lives a lot easier to endure.

Each time I called for you Hatzoloh came sweetly to our home with caring eyes and hearts. I always felt a calm come over me as soon as you arrived.

Success Story 5

It’s never too late

I was heading back from my 2nd call in a row and about to park the ambulance, when another call was dispatched over the air for a patient who had difficulty breathing.  So off I went for the 3rd call in a row. En route the dispatchers announced that the patient was now in cardiac arrest.

Success Story 4

A Little Perspective

As a member for close to 4 years I am sure that there is still much I have to learn regarding taking calls and dealing with the different aspects of being a member of Hatzoloh.

I was recently on a call with a senior member of some 25 plus years and took the opportunity to discuss different aspects of being a member.  Our conversation focused on our most recent patient.

Success Story 3

Several years ago I was the victim of a terrible car accident. While waiting for the red light to turn green on Ocean Avenue I was violently struck from behind and into two other cars by a distracted driver. Within what seemed like seconds the police and fire department responded to the scene. I was in a daze, my car totaled, crushed like an accordion, and the engine smoking. The fire department knew what to do with the smoking engine, but when it came to me they tried to drag me and my injured leg out of the car by my shoulders.

Success Story 2

I have already been a member of Hatzoloh for a year and a half.  Yet I feel that I have just joined this elite group of individuals, or as my Rabbi calls them "Walking Angels." You see, I just had my first save.

It was a Shabbat afternoon and I just got home from shul when the familiar beep of the radio interrupted our lunch. "Unresponsive Ocean Parkway and L. Any units available?” Without a second thought I was out the door and joining a team of seven members heading to try and save a fellow Jew. Ashkenazim and Sephardim, all heading in one direction, to perform this most special mitzvah.  As if cleared by Hashem himself, I drove the 3 or 4 blocks and made every light, had the elevator waiting for me and the front door to the apartment open.

Success Story 1

My wife and I would like to thank you and all the devoted volunteers for their extreme dedication. Our story shows how you went above and beyond the call of duty to save a life. Over a period of 7 days, our son was experiencing severe headaches; he blacked out a few times. The Emergency Room continued to send him home with out a diagnosis. They concluded that their tests found nothing wrong with him. Your members made every effort to assess the situation and work with the hospital, but to no avail; the hospitals were adamant that "nothing was wrong".

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