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Success Story 2

I have already been a member of Hatzoloh for a year and a half.  Yet I feel that I have just joined this elite group of individuals, or as my Rabbi calls them "Walking Angels." You see, I just had my first save.

It was a Shabbat afternoon and I just got home from shul when the familiar beep of the radio interrupted our lunch. "Unresponsive Ocean Parkway and L. Any units available?” Without a second thought I was out the door and joining a team of seven members heading to try and save a fellow Jew. Ashkenazim and Sephardim, all heading in one direction, to perform this most special mitzvah.  As if cleared by Hashem himself, I drove the 3 or 4 blocks and made every light, had the elevator waiting for me and the front door to the apartment open.

We walked in and started working on a man. Then it hit me.  I was trying to save the life of the man who sat directly behind me in shul. He is much older than I am yet over the past year we have developed a friendship as he would tell me stories about my father. I recognized all the family members who entered the apartment, the concern and fear evident on their faces.

The team worked like a well oiled machine, each member doing his part. One man was doing CPR, the other was setting up equipment.  All focused. All determined.  The medic called out, "Everybody clear from the patient.  I am going to shock him."  One shock....nothing.  CPR.
Second shock..... "Is he breathing? See if you can get a pulse!"

By the time we got to the hospital, my friend’s blood pressure came back and he looked much better.  The doctors were impressed.  Less than 4 or 5 minutes.  That's all it took.  To me it seemed like an hour.  But from the time my radio beeped till that second shock was less than 5 minutes.  All the things that could have gone wrong that didn't.  All the miracles that happened for it to go right.  It reminded me of something I was told the first day I joined. "We are just messengers.  In the merit of our mitzvah hopefully Hashem saves the patient.  Sometimes He does, sometimes He doesn't.  We have to do our part."

After this scenario I have a different outlook on Hatzoloh.  This story is not unique. Members walk around and share saves and baby deliveries like old buddies share war stories. All the training, all the preparation, all the equipment, all the people and all the money.
It is all done for this moment.

My friend was back in shul within 2 weeks.

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