Commitment means caring.
It means being there, being available, being accessible all the time.
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Success Story 3

Several years ago I was the victim of a terrible car accident. While waiting for the red light to turn green on Ocean Avenue I was violently struck from behind and into two other cars by a distracted driver. Within what seemed like seconds the police and fire department responded to the scene. I was in a daze, my car totaled, crushed like an accordion, and the engine smoking. The fire department knew what to do with the smoking engine, but when it came to me they tried to drag me and my injured leg out of the car by my shoulders.

Then you guys showed up, Baruch Hashem, and took control of getting me out of the car. Sam (Sammy) I remember was one of the Hatzoloh EMT. He especially took initial control of getting me out of the car. He was caring, comforting and professional all at the same time. He and the other EMT got me and my injured leg out of the car, into the ambulance, and onto the hospital. What struck me at the time was the care, caution and the speed of your EMT’s. Being a nurse, I come across many EMT’s in the regular section and if I had to make a choice, I'd choose you.

In brief their (Sam and Co.) presence, I believe, made a significant difference in certain outcomes. Since that time I had promised myself that I would make a contribution to Hatzoloh but got caught up in life. Each time I saw a Hatzoloh ambulance I would feel a bite of guilt and reaffirm the promise. Well here we are six years later and after suffering another illness I came to the realization that I should no longer put off the things in life I want to do or have been meaning to do. Enclosed please find a small gift to you; I hope you can continue to serve as you have in the past, with genuine care and professionalism.

I thank you for being there when I needed you; I wish you all great health and continued success. If Sam is still with Hatzoloh, please give him an extra thank you for me.

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