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It means being there, being available, being accessible all the time.
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A Little Perspective

As a member for close to 4 years I am sure that there is still much I have to learn regarding taking calls and dealing with the different aspects of being a member of Hatzoloh.

I was recently on a call with a senior member of some 25 plus years and took the opportunity to discuss different aspects of being a member.  Our conversation focused on our most recent patient.

We just finished transporting a 90 year old woman with Alzheimers.
She wasn’t feeling well and had fainted during dinner.

For me these calls are very difficult because of the emotional stress they put on me.  Here is a woman who, just a few years ago, was probably a thriving member of the community.  She is a mother so I am sure her days were spent caring and raising her family. But today, all she can do is sit around and ramble in incoherent sentences, as she would plead for help over and over and over.

My questions for the senior member focused mainly on me.  When do these types of calls start getting easier?  When does the feeling to cry for this type of patient pass?  Am I doing something wrong because this patient affects me so?

He looked at me and gathered his thoughts for a few moments and gave me the following answer.

“When people call Hatzoloh not every call is an emergency.  You also, unfortunately, get to see people in pain. At times it can be taxing.
It’s not always easy to keep the same intensity.  When that happens, you have to step back and take a break. People call us because they expect a caring fellow to walk through the doors and treat the patient like they would treat their own mother. It never gets easier and you should always have that feeling to cry.  If you don’t you should join a different organization.”

Wow. For me that answer was a revelation.  His words kept ringing in my ears for days. They reminded me why it’s vital to have an organization like Hatzoloh in our community and why we have to go the extra mile for every patient.

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