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It means being there, being available, being accessible all the time.
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It’s never too late

I was heading back from my 2nd call in a row and about to park the ambulance, when another call was dispatched over the air for a patient who had difficulty breathing.  So off I went for the 3rd call in a row. En route the dispatchers announced that the patient was now in cardiac arrest.

 We arrived at the doctor’s office waiting room to find a woman in her 50's lying on a few chairs with a sheet over her. The doctor had let us know that it was over for her. I asked if he had done CPR and he replied that she was in a flat line rhythm and had prior history of cardiac complications, there was no use to attempt to revive her.

 To my surprise I decided against his better judgment. I put the patient on the floor and begin CPR with my partner. The paramedics then arrived and we worked together as a team trying to revive this woman. All the while the doctor stood by and thought we were wasting our time. After a few minutes we got her pulse back, her blood pressure had also come up! She was transported to the hospital with strong vital signs.

Thanks to Hashem and to the persistency of not letting another Jew die so easily, I'm glad to say that today she is alive and well.

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